PetaWatts Solar Solutions is a pioneer in offering innovative solutions that leverage Sunís energy to address various demands on electricity. PetaWatts Solar Solutions was established in 2011 by a team of Technocrats with core experience in Photovoltics design and implenting MW Scale Solar Power Plants projects.

Project Development & EPC services for Grid-Connected Power Plants

  • Project Development
  • Project Financing
  • Comprehensive EPC
  • Operation & Maintenance


PetaWatts Solar has a variety of solutions for the stand-alone (off-grid) PV applications

  • Solutions for Institutions & Industries : PetaWatts Solar provides a customized one-stop Solar solution for industrial or institutional campuses - typically a combination of Rooftop Power Generation, Street Lighting, Fencing, Cathodic Protection and Water Heating solutions.
  • Solutions for Process Industries : In any process where water is required to be heated or pre-heated, PetaWatts Solar can offer an auxiliary water heating solution which will payback in very little time.
  • Sector Specific Solutions : petaWatts Solar offers tailored solutions for various sectors - Systems for Telecom Towers, Systems for ATMs, Water Purification Systems, Cathodic Protection etc.
  • Solutions for Retail Consumers : Solar Lanterns, Home Lighting Systems and Solar Water Heating Systems.